Groundhog Max ATV/UTV Disc

The GroundHog MAX ATV/UTV Disc Plow makes preparing food plots a fun, one-person job.
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The most versatile piece of equipment to get your plots done before the season!! Watch this video on how easy it is and how it works. 

For machines that DON'T have a 2" receiver click here

The Rack Stacker Guy gives it 5 stars for quality and use in the field.

The Groundhog MAX ATV/UTV Disc Plow turns your ATV/UTV into a hard-driving plow with ease of use & lower cost in mind! Turns a 2-man job into a FUN solo DIY! 

Designed to plow anywhere your ATV/UTV can go. This "one man" operation has many features that make it a "new concept" from other ATV/UTV plows on the market.  It works because you utilize the weight of the ATV/UTV (700 to 1500 lbs.) and the rider (200 lbs.) to put direct down pressure on the plow. With “less steel” on the ground and more weight you get a more aggressive cut. You ride on the plow like a 5th wheel.

Plowing speeds are twice as fast as a normal pull behind plow! Plowing speeds on the Groundhog is 8-15 kph. It’s less stressful on the ATV/UTV than pulling a 300lbs+ disc or more in loose dirt at low speeds. The Groundhog’s versatility/maneuverability also allows you to backup with plow engaged

The Groundhog MAX allows you to use smaller cc air cooled only machines in 2 or 4-wheel drive. Because you can plow faster your machine stays cooler. This allows use on a lot more years/makes/models of machines. Works with independent rear suspension or straight axle setups.  Direct, Belt, or chain drive machines.

This plow FITS Basically any machine.  Machine types are ATV/Quad/4wheeler/wheelers/UTV/MTV/side-by-side/zero turn/mowers/jeeps/other

If your running a Honda or Polaris you may need the Ground Hog Max Kit found here

This "KIT" of the Ground Hog Max will fit Honda and Polaris machines. If you have a 2 inch receiver then look at the Ground Hog Max without the kit

We sell the plow 2 ways

  •  Plow without a Hitch Kit 
  • Fits units that already have a strong, square, 2” receiver (like on a truck). 
  • Fits “ANY” ATV (year 2000 and newer) if you buy an aftermarket 2” receiver online
  •  Plow with the Groundhog MAX hitch receiver kit included in the box

Converts your existing ¾” utility hole or weak 1 ¼ “square receiver over to a strong square 2”. Normally a bolt-on install. For mostly Hondas/Polaris and some others.

Uses include but are not limited too; DEER and TURKEY food-plots, ground disturbance for Turkey and Quail, duck plots, gardening, landscaping (small sod jobs), firebreaks, weed control, vineyards, almond trees/other orchards. Grooming horse arenas/motocross/tracks/roads and driveways/baseball infields/lake and beach shorelines ALSO it can be used as a FIRE DEFENSE DISC PLOW and PREPPERS/SURVIVILIST DISC PLOW. Farm uses may be where a tractor is too large to get the job done or not available. SEE website/manual for DIY clog fix during wet conditions. Imagine the possibilities! Plow It …Plant it…Bag it!

How to use: Back your ATV/UTV up on a 4-inch block/ramp to get your rear wheels up. Lock the parking brake. The plow has an arrowhead shape and should point towards your shoes if you are squatted at the back of the unit. Slide the plow head into your 2-inch receiver and install tractor pin. Note: the T-head can be turned upside down if needed for clearance on some machines.

Next Take the other tractor-pin out and allow the disc assembly to slide down to the ground. Raise it up 2 holes & pin. Unlock parking brake, pull off the 4-inch block. Move block to begin to plow in looping circles figure eights and back and forth. 

Do not plow too aggressively…a lot of the cut is in turns and maneuverability. The tougher the ground the more passes you would need. On any hitch option do not use too much weight or plow to aggressively. Only back up with the plow engaged as necessary.

It is a heavy-duty plow Made of ¼ wall steel that weights only 46 lbs. It can be stored in the toolbox of your truck. If you have an ATV you can transport your food-plotting gear with only a truck.

No need for the aggravation and expense of a trailer. No waste of time hooking up or backing up hoping your tires are inflated and your lights work. No waste of time gas and money!  

Built strong to last!

heavy gauge ¼ wall steel. Each disc has its own easy to replace high-speed double-sealed deep grooved ball bearings with a trash guard that can easily be replaced. The discs have anti-slide bolts and nuts for easy replacement of bearings. All bearings are the same size. Graduated notched Discs sizes are 8 9 or 10 inch. This configuration was the most aggressive setup for cutting virgin ground. 

Discs are mounted on a ¾ inch steel axle. The axle itself is encased in a glove-fit 1-inch steel pipe between each disc blade. This creates a closed type system that does not require greasing.

Adjustable plowing depth in 1inch increments using the plows T-HEAD . This setting allows you to not plow to aggressively. T-head can be flipped to use for machines with either low or high ground clearance. No ratchets to mess with and no tires to dry rot and go flat.

No need to add extra weight because you use the weight of the machine/rider’s weight.

Comes with a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty. The plow is basically maintenance free. After use dry wipe off… spray down with WD-40. The disc blades may not turn freely when new. After use they will spin properly but not like a bike wheel.

All of this plow’s benefits appeal to the sportsman rancher landscaper gardener and many others.

For the guys who own any power source like an ATV UTV and need to disc a little dirt for any reason this is a fun cost- effective way to go.

All replacement bearings at an inexpensive cost are available Rack Stacker Hotline 1-800-945-1846

  •     It’s just Easy; Easy on your wallet-Low cost! Saves time, gas, and money!
  •     Easy to load and transport to your property. No trailer hassles.
  •     Easy to access-plows anywhere your ATV goes-Imagine the possibilities
  •     Easy to use-no add extra weight. Works on hilltops and bottom land.
  •     Easy and fun-Plowing speeds (3-7+mph) twice as fast as pull-behinds  
  •     Easy to maneuver in tight spots-use reverse with plow engaged
  •     Easy on the machine less stress allows use of lower cc. 2 or 4 wheel drive (IRS or            straight axle)
  •     Easy plowing-no need to add extra weight to fall off or tip over
  •     Easy maintenance-dry, wipe off, spray down with WD-40

Pick up yours today!

29-05-2024 21:37

I only have a small Honda 350 but was very surprised this concept worked on my unit so good. Always wanted to get way back in the bush and have MY spot.
Couple 4 x 4 blocks to back up on/seed/gas/time and you have a food plot where/when you want it. I got mine done and looking for other spots. Super product

17-01-2024 18:35

Great product! I was able to use this on a smaller CC machine that is only air cooled. Going fast enough not to overheat my machine which is big plus for me. Simple to use and I was able to get many places I have never gotten to before way back in the bush .

07-08-2022 19:56

I’ve planted food plots since 2007 and I just used my Groundhog Max for the first time and it is awesome.
I don’t plant in farm fields where it would be easier to plant but yet I do it old school with weed wackers, chainsaw , brush trimmers…..etc in wooded areas where kill plots can be introduced.
The plot I just replanted usually takes 6 hours to get in and with the groundhog it was ready in 1 hour.
Over and around boulders, sticks and around stumps this Groundhog Max did it all and Yes I was pleasantly surprised. Biguns and Field Edge hit the dirt today (August 7) and can’t wait for the first couple frosts to sweeten them up!
Spend the money and get a Groundhog Max you won’t regret it
Nathan (Muskoka)

05-08-2022 00:06

Use this neat rig to plant acres of foodplots every year. If you don't have much money to spend on tractors and big implements and want something that does the job, this is definitely the way to go. I have had mine for 3 years now with no issues. Makes for great seed to soil contact.

04-08-2022 15:03

An outstanding product -met all of our expectations and more. Put in three food plots quickly. Very easy to set up just follow instructions. Any questions -Steve was quick to answer--a perfect machine for making quality and inexpensive food plots that pays for itself

11-05-2021 19:31

Excellent customer service... my groundhog max was shipped the same day I ordered it !!!

5 stars based on 6 reviews

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