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CWTF Turkey Blend is a great mix of seeds if you’re an all around wildlife manager and hunter. Perfect for a diverse blend of forages for Turkey or Upland birds that produces, holds and attracts big bucks as well. This customized blend continues to be the sought-after throughout the summer and into the fall seasons even into the late season if, it hasn’t been eaten to the ground.

The taller growing forages provide food above the snow line in the winter for birds to feed on so that they have food during the off season and it good at holding turkeys in the area to hunting them in the Spring.

You see, it's not the spring that you want to attract the turkeys to the area, it’s the winter where this blend really does its work. The high carbs that the blend produces in its seed head it what really helps the wildlife out. One of the biggest benefits is that it provides great cover for bedding areas and is used to break up the big fields. A large field that is broken up with this blend provides cover, allowing deer to feel more secure and have them out during daylight hours more regularly. You can plant this blend and use as a barrier from a road frontage as well so that people can't see into the area.

It is best to plant this year over year as most of the blend is annual. It works great to plant around your existing food plots to prevent any kind of poaching or visuals from areas you may not want viewing of the plot. ex. roads

6 PS

Before planting you MUST follow the Rack Stacker 6 Ps to plotting. Proper, Preparation, and Patience, Prevents, Poor, Plotting.

If you follow these instructions (also on the back of the bag) and don’t cut any corners, it will grow for you and produce great results throughout the summer, into fall and for late season hunting so you can harvest that buck of a lifetime and get them fawns into the winter in good health.


Best time to plant Upland/Turkey is in the early parts of the summer as long as there is good moisture in the soils. You can plant into the summer if you have sufficient rain in the area but the ideal time would be late May and into June. Steve has planted in August for lush green growth for the early hunt, but your best to try and get it in early if you live in the northern regions of Sask, Alberta or other provinces. Southern areas like Quebec, South Ontario or NS you can plant this up until Sept long weekend.



You really want to make as best seed to soil contact as possible when planting Upland Turkey. Spraying the plot with a herbicide is the best, you don’t want weeds competing for moisture, nutrients on the fields with Upland/Turkey. After spraying, using a set of disks or cultivators are best. As long as you have something that can scar the ground enough to allow the seed to have good seed to soil contact then you will be successful with Rack Stacker.

Before seeding down your plot you want to drag the soils as level as possible as well. The smoother the soils the better to prevent channeling during the rain and keeps the birds from eating your seed. You don’t need to have the seed plowed under. You only want to make the seed hit the ground, and then pack it to the ground with a roller or a calti-packer. Its important to do this step!! Its like insurance for your plot. By pushing out all the air pockets you’re insuring a quick germination and fast growth as soon as the seed hits the ground.


If we spray 2 weeks prior to working the land, we can have it in the ground, (disking, dragging, seeding and packing) in 4 hours.


We sell CWTF turkey blend in 6lb, 24lb bag, and 60lb bags. If you spread the seed by hand 6lbs will plant ½ acre if you use a broadcast spreader. 12lbs per acre is recommended.


Measure the location of your plot. Length X Width divided by 43,560 that will give you the size of your plot (Ex. 150ft X 100ft=15,000sq ft 1/3 of an acre) you will be able to plant 22,000 ft with a 6lb bag of CWTF Turkey Blend. Be sure to plant the right amount of seed for the area that you are working with.


Its recommended that you fertilize 3-4 weeks after planting the plot. It's good to put 300lbs to the acre to get maximum growth of 18-18-18 (or equivalent %) This will quickly improve nutrient absorption and rapidly grow through the summer months. Driving on the plants to fertilize is ok. They will bounce back pretty quick.


In conjunction with the Food plots, to utilize the optimum growth of the herd, try Blaze or Glory Mineral and attract them to your location right away. Instant, all season attraction with the potent scent of the mineral as well as High Vitamins to get those deer into the Canadian winter in tip top shop.

A portion of every purchase goes directly to the Canadian Wild Turkey Federation and their efforts. 

Give it a try today, You won’t be disappointed!

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