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The spring of the year is the best time to be planting Amplified. This blend is an overseed mixture of Perennials that you use to fill in the gaps of an existing food plot or to give the plot a boost if it’s been a couple years since planting. Simply spread Amplified into the desired area at the seeding rate below.

As long as you have something that can scar the ground enough to allow the seed to have good seed to soil contact then you will be successful with Rack Stacker Amplified. Before seeding down your plot you want to drag the soils in order to disturb the ground and give a spot for the seed to take root. 

The Rack Stacker Guy (Steve Elmy) prefers to drag the field in late March early April as soon as the snow is gone. By dragging the field when the sun is up it allows the soils to expand and take the seed in when it freezes over night. This is referred to as frost seeding.

The seed will be dormant until the spring of the year when the daytime temps get above 60 degrees. Now keep in mind, that with perennial plants having such a thick root system it does take 2-3 MONTHS for it to grow a root system and get established. Late summer you can mow the plot and this will stimulate growth and keep it lush.


The Amplified is a very tiny tiny seed blend and it's important not to spread too much seed. In order to get good even coverage be sure to watch the Soft Track video on how this is done.

We sell Amplified in 1lb, 5lb bag, and 10lb bags. (Larger sizes available on request) its recommended to overseed the plot with about 3-5 lbs to the acre.


Measure the location of your plot. Length X Width divided by 43,560 that will give you the size of your plot (Ex. 150ft X 100ft=15,000sq ft 1/3 of an acre) you will be able to plant 22,000 ft with a 5lb bag of Superb-uck. Be sure to plant the right amount of seed for the area that you are working with.


You can provide thousands of pounds of food in the duration of the year to increase the health of the herd in as little as 20 mins with our Amplified Food Plot. It doesn’t take long, it’s easy to do and if you haven’t food plotted before it’s very enjoyable after seeing the use that your herd gets out of the little work put in.


In conjunction with the Food plots, to utilize the optimum growth of the herd, try Stak'D or Fury Bricks to attract them to your location right away. Instant, all season attraction with the potent scent of the mineral as well as High Vitamins to get those deer into the Canadian winter in tip top shop.
Give it a try today, You won’t be disappointed!


PLEASE NOTE: At this time, Rack Stacker Food Plot products are only available in Canada. We are unable to ship these products to the United States.

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