Walk N Toss

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Quite simply the easiest Food Plot to plant in the Rack Stacker Family. All you need is a rake and you can plant just about any opening in the bush.

Walk N Toss was designed for those tough to get to locations way back off the beaten path. But, after many trials in the field we found it worked great for 4 wheeler trails, logging roads and landings. We’ve even had customer plant it on beaver dams that have mud build up.


Walk n Toss is made up of Perennial Clover varieties with Brassica and Annual Ryegrass to protect the clover during the growing stages of the summer. The clovers will return year after year after its established. The key is to get it planted as early as possible in the spring. As soon as the snow is gone in your area and the ground is soft, its time to prepare the area. Providing more food in the forest is a great drawing card throughout the year and into the fall. It will increase the carrying capacity of the property that you are currently managing. Feeding young deer in the spring of the year is very important to make sure they can grow quickly and beat any predators. The early food will also help with Does in providing a quick green food source before fawning in May.

As the fall approaches, Bucks will pop into these locations looking for receptive does that may be feeding in the area planted.


In the very early part of the spring when the snow has just left the ground, break out your drags or a rake and start scaring the ground. After the soils are exposed, seed the area down. In Southern Ontario its around end of March early April.


Watch our Soft Track tip video to learn more on getting this plot in the ground. Very simple effective deer management starts here, with Walk N Toss.


If you were to take a location that was 23 yds X 23 yds you can plant it in about 20-30 mins. That's raking seeding and walk away.

Planting a logging trail is a lil easier, use a drag to break up the ground on the back of a quad. Drive back and forth scarring the ground. After this is done, seed it down with a hand spreader and pack.


2.5 lbs of Walk n Toss plants 5000 sq ft. that is a 1,250 ft long 4 wheeler trail Or It will plant a 23 yd X 23 yd (70’X70’) square location.


After the plot is established, (3-4 months) its best to mow it down to 4-6 inches with a weed eater or lawn mower. This will stimulate the plants to get thick and lush. Do this every 6-8 weeks to keep the weeds down and plot thick.

If you want to give it a boost of food, you can apply 25 lbs of 18-18-18 (or equivalent %) if you planted a 2.5lbs bag or 300lbs to the acre 2-3 weeks after seeding, this will stimulate the plants to get thick and lush. The second year apply the same fertilizer in the spring and mow it to 6 inches after its starts t go to flower. By mowing, the plants will get thick and lush. Don't mow any later then 4 weeks before the first frost for a great stand to bow hunt!



In conjunction with the Food plots, to utilize the optimum growth of the herd, try our very popular Mineral in the same general area and attract them to your location right away. Instant, all season attraction with the potent scent of the mineral as well as High Vitamins to get those deer into the Canadian winter in tip top shape.

Give it a try today, You won’t be disappointed!

Bulk discounts and hunting camp specials available. 

PLEASE NOTE: At this time, Rack Stacker Food Plot products are only available in Canada. We are unable to ship these products to the United States.

09-08-2022 00:13

Great product. Very good for an easy food plot. Or for entry level users who are Intrested in trying food plots

05-08-2022 09:42

Planted a strip plot on a old woods trail, with remote access. Grew in fast and thick, deer are starting to stop up and have a bite to eat! Easy to use in those hard to get to areas

05-08-2022 02:50

The easiest food plot product on the market, follow the instructions and you can’t fail, it does not get any easier.

05-08-2022 00:15

Great blend for hard to reach areas making it hard to prepare good seed beds. Used this in small openings in the woods and along trails to provide extra forage for the deer. I even planted one of my 1/4 acre plots with this blend this year cause it's so easy to grow.

04-08-2022 23:32

Extremely happy with this food plot blend! Great for micro kill plots or staging areas! Seen more big bucks in daylight use this plot then anything else!

04-08-2022 19:27

Used this and field edge a few times. easy to plant, always comes up and I always see more traffic in these areas

04-08-2022 19:08

This stuff is the best! Will grow anywhere

04-08-2022 18:57

Used this last year for the first time and it was amazing! Had the does and fawns coming to my stand so regularly it lead to a successful harvest. It is very easy to use and grows just about everywhere.

04-08-2022 17:57

I've been using this product for the last three years and it truly is a simple and effective way to grow food plots - ANYWHERE!! I use it adjacent to my blinds and stands in the hardwoods where I cannot get any equipment. I simply rake an area clear, throw the Walk N Toss, rake it in and walk away. Rabbits, foxes, coyotes, turkeys, bears and deer love it!! I'll buy every bag I can find!

5 stars based on 9 reviews

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