Rack Stacker Grave Danger 5lb

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Grave Danger is a fine blend of perennial seeds like Clover, Alfalfa and Chicory. Great for planting in open areas that has good soil moisture and easy workable land. With over 65% Perennials and a fine blend of Brassicas like Hybrid Kale, rape and Turnip as the annual nurse crop Grave Danger will be sure to draw and hold deer throughout the year. Grave Danger should be overseeded with Amplified the second year to maintain a lush perennial plot for years to come.

6 PS

Before planting you MUST follow the Rack Stacker 6 Ps to plotting. Proper, Preparation, and Patience, Prevents, Poor, Plotting.
If you follow these instructions (also on the back of the bag) and don’t cut any corners, it will grow for you and produce great results throughout the summer, into fall and for late season hunting so you can harvest that buck of a lifetime and get them fawns into the winter in good health.


Best time to plant Grave Danger is in the early parts of the summer (late May thru late June) as long as there is good moisture in the soils. You can plant into the summer if you have sufficient rain in the area. Rack Stacker Guy (Steve Elmy) has planted in August for lush green growth for the early archery hunt, but your best to try and get it in early if you live in the northern regions of Sask, Alberta or other provinces. Southern areas like Quebec, South Ontario or NS you can plant this up until early Sept.


You really want to make as best seed to soil contact as possible when planting Grave Danger. Spraying the plot with a herbicide is the best, you don’t want weeds competing for moisture, nutrients on the fields with Grave Danger. After spraying, using a set of disks or cultivators are best to break the ground. As long as you have something that can scar the ground enough to allow the seed to have good seed to soil contact then you will be successful with Rack Stacker Grave Danger. We don’t like going any deeper than 2” when we work the land because the roots will find their way after its established. There is no need to go any deeper because all you will do is uproot 100’s of 1000’s of weed seeds.

Before seeding down your plot you want to drag the soils as level as possible as well. The smoother the soils the better to prevent channeling during the rain and keeps the birds from eating your seed. You DO NOT need to have the seed plowed under. You only want to make the seed hit the ground, and then pack it to the ground with a roller or a calti-packer. By packing it, this ensures there is no air pockets that can disrupt the growth of the plants and will also increase the germination rate as soon as its rolled and packed tight.


If we spray 2 weeks prior to working the land just after spring green up we can have it in the ground, (disking, dragging, seeding and packing) in 4 hours. Not a lot of time for a ½ acre plot when you thing about the 40,000lbs of forage it can produce in 90 days. That’s a lot of food available for your herd throughout the year.

The key to a great successful food plot is timing and making sure you plan out each step. Take your time if you haven’t done a plot before, in the end, it’ll be worth every second.


If you spread the Grave Danger, 5lbs will plant ½ acre- 50 yds by 50 yds or 22,000 Sq Ft.

If you use a broadcast spreader. 10lbs per acre is recommended in all applications.


Measure the location of your plot. Length X Width divided by 43,560 that will give you the size of your plot (Ex. 150ft X 100ft=15,000sq ft 1/3 of an acre) you will be able to plant 22,000 ft with a 5lb bag of Grave Danger. Be sure to plant the right amount of seed for the area that you are working with.


Its recommended that you fertilize a few weeks after planting the plot. It is good to put 300lbs to the acre and what we like to do is split that up to two different applications. 150lb of 18-18-18 (or equivalent %) 3-4 weeks after seeding the plot and 150lbs approx 3-4 weeks following the first application. This will prevent burn and improve nutrient absorption at the root level. Driving on the plants to fertilize is ok. They will bounce back pretty quick.


Nothing needs to be done after laying the seed on your plot. There is no maintenance needed the first year that you plant Grave Danger. The second spring after planting this plot you should overseed the plot with Amplified, Also available from Rack Stacker. The second year after seeding it down you will want to mow it with a bush hog, or mower of sorts that will cut the plot to below 6 inches. We like to mow ours every 4-6 weeks. This will stimulate plant growth and allow the plot to grow in thinker, healthier and more nutritious for the herd and other wildlife. The last time to mow is 4 weeks before the first frost. This will allow the plants to get tall and lush, just in time for opening of archery season.


You can provide thousands of pounds of food in the duration of the year to increase the health of the herd in as little as 20 mins with our Walk n Toss Food Plot it doesn’t take long. it’s easy to do and if you haven’t food plotted before its very enjoyable after seeing the use that your herd gets out of the little work put in.


In conjunction with the Food plots, to utilize the optimum growth of the herd, try BlazeGlory or StaK'D Mineral. Instant Results, all season attraction with the potent scent of the mineral as well as High Vitamins to get those deer off to the best start of the year.

Give it a try today, You won’t be disappointed!

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