StaK'D mineral attractant 5lb

Rack Stacker Stak'D Mineral attractant
Year round whitetail deer supplement
Perfect for holding deer on property
  • Buy 3 for C$11.39 each and save 5%

StaK'D is the perfect year round attractant that has an incredible draw of Cocoa-nut Vanilla. After 3 years of studies we have worked hard at designing the best product that deer can't resist and not only have we found it, but it works any time of the year.


Rack Stacker StaK'D is the go to attractant for holding deer on your property and works amazing. Simply pour it onto a rotten stump in your area and the deer will find its aroma irresistible. Deer will continue to visit the site and eat away at the stump. Top it up 1-2 times a year to keep them coming back.

Packed with Vitamins and Minerals the StaK'D will keep the deer coming back throughout the year.

Now is the time to get started because the deer are in need of mineral throughout the year. 10lb per location is perfect, however if you find that its being visited daily it wouldn't hurt to have another 5lb added late summer.

We have StaK'D available in a 50lb value bag if you have multiple locations you want to use the product on. If you have any questions call 1-800-945-1846 for more details.

04-08-2022 21:31

I have always been leery about using powder mineral but after using StaK'D it has changed my mind completely. great easy to use product that really draws the deer and elk in and keeps them coming back.

12-01-2021 01:14

Awesome scent and hold the deer on your property. Highly recommend this for anyone starting out a mineral station

25-01-2020 17:46

We used this all year round it brought in everything from turkey to moose,deer I would highly recommend you guys buy this works great.

25-01-2020 17:21

Absolutely love this product. I didnt buy it I ended up winning it. But will definitely will he buying it again the deer go crazy they dig up and eat everything where you put this. It's awesome watching it on the game cameras

24-09-2019 00:02

1st time using this product and it's the best one I have tried the deer and moose are destroying the stump I put it on, they are hitting it daily.

30-08-2018 22:28

I have used many different minerals in years past but the science put into rackstacker blows my mind. I have 3 sites on 300 acres and the deer have DESTROYED the dead stumps that I put STAK’D on this spring. Does, fawns and multiple bucks at both sites and with 100’s of pics the product speaks for itself! Rackstacker will not disappoint!

24-07-2018 15:26

This is our first year using this product and it is simply amazing we had deer at it with a few hours of putting out the deer are hitting it morning mid day and evening......even this years fawns are loving it the deer cant get enough of this stuff we have gotten over 1500 pic at this mineral station and we started it at the end of april

24-07-2018 13:37

Used this product for the 1st time starting April 27th. What a great product! My whitetail herd has given me over 400 pics a month since using this & have annihilated my station of Stak'D!! Great product.

5 stars based on 8 reviews

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