Deer Lix Block 25 lbs

The Deer Lix block is awesome for using throughout the year in front of your trail cameras to hold deer in an area till the fall.
  • Buy 2 for C$20.89 each and save 5%

The Rack Stacker deer lix block is a complex mix of salt mineral and vitamins. The block is 25 lb in weight can last up to 6 months and is great for starting mineral locations in the bush where you want to hold big game animals.

The deer lix block is infused with apple flavouring. It is great when it rains as it intensifies the smell that comes from the block to draw in game animals from a far.

Also comes in Maple Flavouring for Moose

08-08-2022 00:32

I been usin this block 3 winters now and they love it!! Best part is that blue jays, squirrels cant take it hahaa... And once its there u dont have to carry bags apon bags to your backwoods spots.. Great product

04-08-2022 22:13

Amazing I’ve bought this block so many times they work excellent. Always have purchased in store great to visit the rackstacker team!!

04-08-2022 22:11

I used this late fall and works really good.

04-08-2022 17:39

Used the lix block last season, had heavy deer activity but never got the deer coming to my spot ... until I used the blox and the morning after I had 2 deer I had seen before at my site and a new buck! The 25lb block stood up to the "happy customers" and the elements.

Ive now got 3 out waiting for the fall!

04-08-2022 17:16

It keeps the deer consistently at my spot because they can’t get enough of this product! Amazing :)

25-01-2020 20:34

this block helps me maintain visits, when I don't do regular drops of feed, multiple times of the year and all types of weather, I will have awesome pics prior to the open season, great addition to the feed I put out as well,

25-01-2020 18:35

Great product, been keeping it on the same stump for years, it's a solid mineral site now and keeps the deer coming back year after year! I'll be putting knr out hoping to keep them close enough to find some sheds!

25-01-2020 17:29

Great product. Deer will come from miles around to get the nutrients and minerals they need, and these 25lb blocks are the best way to give them those minerals! Highly recommended!

5 stars based on 8 reviews

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