Molasses 4L Slop

The pulling power of liquid molasses could ultimately be the best attractant for the price. Buck slop molasses works for all big game animals and can be poured on just about anything from stumps blocks and feed.

The rich aroma from Buck Slop works great by itself or combined with other mineral or feed products.

The sweet salty flavoring will attract the game year round and can be applied to any rotten stump to be absorbed in and attract all year. Available in Apple, Wildberry, Sugar beet, and Molasses flavour. Deer will literally hollow out the center of stumps for Rack Stacker Buck Slop.

Bulk discounts and hunting camp specials available.

04-08-2022 23:59

You can add this stuff to anything and the deer will eat it! Hay, corn, kobb, tree bark, rotting logs or even dirt.... Doesn't matter, the deer will love it and keep coming back looking for more.

04-08-2022 22:07

I used it last year for the first and it work great really pleased with it .

04-08-2022 21:27

The scent of the molasses brings the animals in and soon after tasting it holds the animals in the area very tight. The whitetail deer and moose will make visits during daylight hours to get their fix.

04-08-2022 18:10

Great product. Deer love it. Really attracts them with the scent of it. I cannot keep food at all when I add this I with it

04-08-2022 17:50

Deer in my area just love it, it’s like crack to them it’s amazing stuff

26-01-2020 11:40

Love this stuff. Keeps them coming back for a incredible long time.

25-01-2020 17:31

Deer in my area can’t get enough!

5 stars based on 7 reviews

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