Glory Mineral 55 lbs.

Year round whitetail deer supplement
Perfect for holding deer on property


Glory is the perfect year round attractant that has been designed specifically for bucks. After years of studies we have designed the perfect blend of Vitamins, Calcium, Phosphorus and organics to increase the body development of bucks. If started early in the Spring, you can keep them deer on your property and improve the odds of bigger bucks. It works any time of the year so now is the time to start.

Rack Stacker Glory is the go to attractant for holding deer on your property and works amazing. Simply pour it onto a rotten stump in your area and the deer will find its aroma irresistible. Deer will continue to visit the site and eat away at the stump. Top it up 1-2 times a year to keep them coming back.
Packed with Vitamins and Minerals the Glory will keep the deer coming back throughout the year.

The difference between Blaze and Glory, the Blaze is geared towards the overall health of the herd. High in Vitamins and Minerals, where the Glory has higher levels of Phosphorus and Calcium for Skeletal growth for bucks that need help to show their true potential. With that said, we have done side by side test many of times and what we have found is that the Phosphorus can be bitter to some deer and some may not like it. When we place a Blaze mineral site less then 100 yds from a Glory Mineral site completely different deer visited the sites. So don't limit yourself to one type of mineral. Give a few types a try, one might find Blaze works over Glory and vice versa. 

Now is the time to get started because the deer are in need of mineral year around. 10lbs per location is perfect, however if you find that its being visited daily it wouldn't hurt to have another 5lbs added late summer.

Bulk discounts and hunting camp specials available.

08-08-2022 00:24

This product i only started this yr.. And oh my the deer absolutely love it, its like clock work does and fawns really enjoy it have 100's of pics... I been applying it every 3 too 4weeks to the same place and amazing the results... Great product Team..

07-08-2022 14:11

The best product I have ever used to get bucks on my territory. It works keeps bucks on your property gives them amazing growth too . By far the best mineral on the market.

04-08-2022 23:29

Amazing product! I put this in buck bedding areas in the spring and the amount of antler growth the put on every year is unbelievable! Highly recommend this product, especially if you know your bucks core summer areas

04-08-2022 20:23

Best mineral I have used by far . Keeps bucks coming and they like it . I highly suggest it to hunters !

04-08-2022 20:20

Best mineral I have tried by far for bucks . Glory gets them coming and gets them to stay . I use it every spring and summer and it blows my mind how much the bucks love this stuff . My favourite and my go to. I highly suggest it !

04-08-2022 18:25

I heard about glory from my friend so I gave it t a try and the biggest buck I’ve ever had a camera showed up 3-4 days later and has been in to the mineral site every 12-14 hours! Can’t praise this stuff enough! Would highly recommend

19-06-2021 14:03

Extremely pleased with this product and it’s affordability.
I hunt some vast crown land with some vast hardwoods and swamps. Very hard to pattern deer and it seems they wander more than stick to a certain trail . I bought Glory to see if I could get some pictures as well as potentially help out the local heard . Putting glory out in areas I wasn’t even sure held deer for lack of sign . 3 months of trail cam pictures sure shocked me! Not only did it draw in the local deer of the area but it also brought in timber wolves , black bear(s), porcupine , and moose ! Everything wants these minerals . I even have a nice 8 point full velvet hitting it every 1-2 days . Rack Stacker customer for life now .

12-01-2021 11:52

Use it all year to keep the deer happy and healthy. Also gives the bucks all the minerals they need to grow those big horns!

24-07-2018 13:51

I've been using this amazing product on all of my properties I hunt for whitetail for the past 3 years within southern Ontario! I couldn't believe how my trailcam pics GREATLY increased & I had a healthier herd & how many mature bucks were giving much needed pics & not to mention the added antler development! Try it & just watch, highly recommend!!

24-07-2018 13:12

We have been using this product for 3 year as well its just as good as blaze the bucks are just hammering it the transformation we seen in our buck the first year was amazing best part of all the product are affordable and easy to use

4.9 stars based on 10 reviews

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