Original Deer Feed 44lb.

If ordering more then 10 bags call 1-800-945-1846 to arrange shipping.

where we started in 2004, creating such a buzz that pallet loads were being ordered in short time, everyone was having success with this superior blend of grains and flavouring.
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If ordering more then 10 bags call 1-800-945-1846 to arrange shipping.

Our Original feed is a balance of grains, molasses and flavoring that has such a strong scent that you can smell it in the area days after the feed is gone. You certainly won’t be disappointed after seeing the results for yourself.

  • With the celebration of Rack Stacker’s 10 years in business (Est. 2007) we chose to redesign the ever popular Rack Stacker Deer feed bag. Continuing the same formulation since day one, the new bag gives us a new look and feel while providing you a go to product to feed your deer throughout the year with confidence.

You should be aware that Rumenitis is a very serious issue when feeding whitetail deer. Rapid fermentation of CORN in the stomach can lead to illness and death. In the winter time, deer can consume too much of high carbohydrates and with lack of water consumption, leads to poor digestion in the guts and could rot before its digested. Rack Stacker is a balanced feed that was designed specifically for the purpose of winter feeding whitetail deer.

The Rack Stacker Guy Steve Elmy has spent 21 years in animal nutrition and has developed all the branded products to be safely consumed by wild game animals to lead to a healthy life. Rack Stacker strives to educate the safe feeding of game to all of its customers and if you have any questions, please done hesitate to contact us.

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03-04-2024 03:59

I just wanted to give an update on my previous review. I've fed three pregnant does from November through March and this feed never failed. They'd wait for me at noon every single day (the usual feeding time), then go on and roam. Interestingly, the mom with fawns chose to feed elsewhere until April, likely because she didn't want to get into a conflict with the other deer. In April, she and her fawns joined the three does, so the number of mouths to feed has doubled! I thought by April I could stop feeding them, but no - there isn't any greenery around yet so the dear appear to be more desperate. Because I thought the feeding would be over by now, I've run out of Rackstacker and where I am it's not easily available. The six deer followed me around on my walks, looking hungry. So I've mixed my own feed based on a recipe I've figured out from Rackstacker content and lots of reading I've done. They love it. However, Rackstacker still costs 50% less, because it's done in bulk. The mineral cube has lasted the whole winter and only about 50% through. They lick it every day.

16-12-2023 21:03

I do not hunt but love observing wildlife and it's been extremely rewarding to observe a deer family on our acreage for an entire year. Normally the deer have plenty of food around, but this year we've had a very bad drought, so I decided to support the fawns a little. They absolutely love this feed and the mineral cube(Deer Lix)! I don't give them too much feed so that they continue roaming on their usual paths.

17-12-2022 17:48

We have a family of deer on our acreage that we enjoy watching Decided to help them along during the winter months so we purchased the Original deer feed, the deer enjoy this product as I’m going through a bag a week . We get to enjoy the deer comming around and they enjoy the food.

22-11-2022 02:26

I been using rack stacker here in northern Ontario for the past few years I truly believe it’ has helped me successfully harvest 2 beautiful whitetails along with helping our deer battle the long cold winters from the original rack stacker, to the mineral products, to the Walk n Toss food plot mixture I’ve tried and tested these and I stand behind the rack stacker products for success in the field

06-08-2022 10:52

Been using it since 2009 and is my go to supplemental feed come late season ! Time tested and proven to work year after year !
My trophy room is a testament to how good it works !

05-08-2022 02:57

Stuff works great. Brings the deer in. A lot better than corn. Definitely would recommend

04-08-2022 23:56

I can't count how many times I've purchased this feed. The deer love it and much prefer it over regular corn feed. I throw a bit out in my plots in front of my stands before every hunt to make them want to come a little closer.

04-08-2022 23:39

Best deer feed on the market! I have had other brands not get touched. Every time I put this out it is gone as soon as the deer find it! Very happy with this product and buy multiple bags every year!

04-08-2022 22:14

Best deer feed on the market it can’t be touched!! Deer love it and I mix some entice with it and they go wild for the combination!!!

04-08-2022 19:49

This product is atleast worth 10 stars in my opinion!! , it’s so important to know what you are feeding your deer heard and feeding with Rackstacker Original Deer Feed I have full confidence that the deer in my area are getting nothing but the best nutrition !! 1000% recommend using this product to feed your deer heard! You won’t regret it!!

04-08-2022 19:44

Great product for grabbing their attention. Once they hit it, they won't stop.

04-08-2022 19:27

Best product ever.use this every year here in new Brunswick Canada. Deer moose and turkeys all love it

04-08-2022 18:27

Deer seem to love it one day and skip the next, overall great for them. I've only used a few times but so far they do like it

04-08-2022 18:10

I always get my best trail cam photos over a pile of Rack Stacker looking forward to a great harvest this fall! Give this a try you will not be disappointed.

04-08-2022 17:47

Great product! Deer love it!

04-08-2022 17:41

Highly recommend. Once the corn is gone. The seed that is mixed in growers a nice little patch to keep the feed going till next time

04-08-2022 17:12

I’ve been using multiple rack stacker products for years, between bear baits, and deer. I love this deer feed and use it during and after season at baits and on my property, I find even after it’s eaten the deer still return as the scent stays in the ground.

04-08-2022 17:09

Great product, its honestly the only feed the deer around my property eat

04-08-2022 17:09

Awesome product!! Deers love it!!!

16-04-2021 16:25

Great stuff to draw deer in and hold their attention where you want them. I tend to spread it out thin rather than mound it up. More room for multiple deer to feed together and takes longer for them to find each grain. Shot a buck over it last year.

15-01-2021 22:43

Best deer feed on the market!! The deer scrape every last bit of feed up down to the dirt and even through the snow !!

12-01-2021 16:00

I have been hunting for most of my adult life and I started using RackStacker for 2 years now and has proven to be one of best deer feed on the market today I have also used the bear munchies this year and again they have proven to work. I would recommend this product to any hunter.

12-01-2021 02:13

Brings them in and keeps them in the area.

12-01-2021 00:55

Deer absolutely loved it. Works well in a feeder or on the ground. Had deer coming to it all hours of the day and night! Highly recommend

11-10-2020 15:51

Hands down best deer feed on the market!!!

25-01-2020 19:13

I have been trying out various mixes of food and minerals from various companies. But that stopped when I started seeing the results from Rck Stacker. The 8 or 9 deer that have been frequenting my site came back regularly and almost predictably as my feeding times were pretty consistent. And now seasons done they have the body weight to get through winter it's top notch for keeping your deer around. Note if your hunting raccoons this works well too. It's my go to from now on.

25-01-2020 18:00

Great product!!

25-01-2020 17:55

If your not using this stuff then your not giving yourself a better chance at harvesting a nice white tale. I’ve started using this product the past few years and the deer absolutely love it. They keep coming back and not to mention it is a great part of their diet for winter.

25-01-2020 17:48

This feed works amazing put it out and within a couple hours we had deer there and moose they where there all day and night. Highly recommend

25-01-2020 17:33

This feed is exceptional for feeding deer! Deer love it, turkeys search for it... will be buying it again this hunting season for deer. Great product and great people backing the product when I had questions last fall. Support local... thanks team! You've got a customer for life from me.

25-01-2020 17:24

All I run in my feeders and the Deer love it, keeps them coming back day after day

25-01-2020 17:22

Works great deer love it!

25-01-2020 17:21

We feed a pile of this product in the early fall right into December to keep the herd of deer in our area. Works very well.

4.95 stars based on 33 reviews

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