Rack Stacker Protein Block 25 lb.

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The Protein block should be positioned in an area frequented by deer such as trails, rubs and watering holes. The protein block is scientifically formulated to supplement a deer’s natural forage by providing protein, mineral, vitamins and the energy necessary for optimum antler development, growth and reproduction. Consumption may vary depending on the time of year, body weight of the animal as well as herd capacity.

The Protein Block is known to last weeks in the field through snow and rain. It is perfect for placing in remote locations where you only frequent occasionally. Its rich smell will have bucks showing up on your trail cameras.

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| Steven Swark 13-09-2021 23:30

Absolutely hands down THE best mineral block I've used to date! I've tried it all... Crush blocks, Big and J etc and nothing even comes close to how well it works and how much the deer like it! Had it out for 3 weeks and it's already 1/3 gone! 3000+ pics on the trail camera. As long as they keep making these blocks I will be a continued customer!

| Mobby1 20-06-2021 22:44

I put this product out in the woodlands of SE Saskatchewan. It had to be placed on a post 42 inch from the ground. The post was greased with lard and the block was anchored to the top of the post.
All this is necessary to prevent a group of six raccoons that will quickly devour a block placed on the ground.
Moose love this product so I highly recommend it for that purpose.
Whitetail and mule deer did not use this block because it is so high up on the post. 42 inches from the ground is the ideal hight for the moose but just out of reach for the other deer.
If you have wild boar like some do to the north of my location this block on post method prevents the hogs from eating your blocks.
Overall it's a great product when property deployed.

| Eric stroud 12-01-2021 11:55

Everything from deer, bear and even turkeys. They will go crazy for it all year

| Greg Taylor 25-01-2020 18:44

This is an essential product to go with any mineral site. I put this nearby every camera during and after deer season. This keeps them coming in all year long.

| Toni 25-01-2020 18:37

Loved this. Put a couple out and set a camera up and loved seeing how many animals were enjoying.
Will be definitely putting more out this year.

| John Rose 25-01-2020 17:32

Best product around i believe.. this block works amazing for areas that you cant always get back to day after day... deer just love it..

| Melanie 25-01-2020 17:20

Love Rack Stacker products. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to attract deer or bears. 5 stars all the way *****

| Kevin Coombs 02-08-2018 20:06

I run the food Plot and attractant program for the St Joseph Island Hunters and Anglers and one of the products that is extremely popular with the deer hunters here is the protein block. The deer and elk routinely sample the blocks and keep the animals in the vicinity. Folks like it because it creates an attraction that lasts and doesn't need to be rebaited all the time.

5 stars based on 8 reviews
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