Rack Stacker Auto Feeder Deer Feed 44lb (20KG)

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By roasting the ingredients we have allowed the feed to be sweeter and easily digested by the deer. The feed is highly sought after when the snow flies and can be used year around for keeping the deer healthy and in the area. We have added apple flavouring to get the smell out here even more for the success of your feeding program.

The Auto Feeder Mix was designed specifically for auto feeders (gravity/electric feeders)

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  • With the celebration of Rack Stacker’s 10 years in business (Est. 2007) we chose to redesign the ever popular Rack Stacker Deer feed bag. Continuing the same formulation since day one, the new bag gives us a new look and feel while providing you a go to product to feed your deer throughout the year with confidence.

You should be aware that Rumenitis is a very serious issue when feeding whitetail deer. Rapid fermentation of CORN in the stomach can lead to illness and death. in the winter time, deer can consume too much of high carbohydrates and with lack of water consumption, leads to poor digestion in the guts and could rot before its digested. Rack Stacker is a balanced feed that was designed specifically for the purpose of winter feeding whitetail deer.

The Rack Stacker Guy, Steve Elmy has spent 21 years in animal nutrition and has developed all the branded products to be safely consumed by wild game animals to lead to a healthy life. Rack Stacker strives to educate the safe feeding of game to all of its customers and if you have any questions, please done hesitate to contact us.

| Curtis Sparks 25-01-2020 17:21

Deer loved it! Cleaned up my food plot in few days and also worked well in my feeder no issues with bunching up the feeder! Will definitely use again and reccomend for other hunters

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