Attn Gettr Coconut-Vanilla

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Attn Gettr was inspired by non baiting provinces like Alberta and Manitoba, however can be used anywhere in the whitetails range. By putting strong aroma into the area your hunting will draw curious deer to its source. 

Attn Gettr is a product that is to be sprayed into the air, around a tree or foliage upwind of your hunting location and is fantastic as a cover scent when going to and from your stand. 

Mist the product onto your boots before going to the stand, this will add not only a great aroma to the area but will also entice deer to follow its source and cover up any scent you may have on your gear like grease, dog hair or sweat. Available in 3 different aromas, Coconut-vanilla, Apple and Persimmon

Give it a try, and get his attn!

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