WoRX Decal Contest 2020

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Please keep an eye out for next years contest that will start after Easter Weekend with lots of prizes to be WON!

Contest Details as follows

We're starting a new trail cam contest for summer 2020 with very basic rules.

First we would like to let everyone know that any and all photos submitted for the contest are confidential! We will not disclose information on "Where or Who" the photo was submitted unless otherwise stated.

We're giving away a Savage 110 Predator in a .243 cal rifle that has a 3x9x40 Vortex Scope. Retail of $800!!

As well as a Spypoint trail cam, couple other things like a Ram Jacket, Kubota prize pack of $250 and a couple Rack Stacker Jackets. Special Thanks to Bishop Lake Outdoors, Huckabone's Kubota, Campbellford Chrysler, Spy-point, and Rack Stacker.

Anyone that wants to enter has to have one of the attached logos in view of the photo taken by trail cam to be entered in the draw. No photo will be denied for entry if the rules are followed, so elk, moose, deer, bear, ducks we don't care, as long as the logo is in view. We encourage you to get creative. We're not looking for antlers, we're looking for creativity and fun. Children can also be involved however if top prize is won only an adult over the age of 18 can claim it and must have a valid PAL.

It will run for 24 weeks! And the winners will be drawn on Oct Thanksgiving weekend chosen by a panel of 15 Elite Staff members of the Rack Stacker Team.

Only 1 entry, per person, per week will be accepted (total of 24 entries per person). The decals are $10 each includes mailing OR buy 10 here and get 2 FREE! You can stick them on anything plastic, metal or plexi to hang at the site. These decals will be mailed to your door and you can affix them as needed at your desired location.

Entries must be submitted to [email protected] weekly! to be entered into the draw. 

  • Deadline for each week is Monday's at noon! Any entries after 12 P.M on Monday will be submitted for the following week.

To WIN! the decals purchased NEED to be within view, no more then 20 ft from the camera, 15 ft is best so that its visible. It MUST be in view of the photo or it will not be accepted.

  • Only photos with this attached logo will be accepted. Doesn't matter what trail camera you use! Spy-point preferred. (Decals are redesigned annually) 
  • Doesn't matter if its at a Rack Stacker product being used. A beaver crossing, a muskrat hole, a deer bedding area, a mineral site, a bear site, a duck box. We want you to be creative, but make sure that the logo is in view for that once in a lifetime photo to ensure you WIN!
  • Decals will only be distributed by Rack Stacker's Website. No Decals will be sold at retail.
  • There is NO limitations to how many decals that one person has in the field. 
  • A limit of 10 photos can be submitted weekly by one person. Only 1 photo will be shared as an entry, chosen by the panel.


  • Duane Beatty - Savage Arms 110 .243 Rifle scoped and ready for the field. Retail of $800 provided by Bishop Lake Outdoors of Cloyne Ontario
  • Dillon Huizinga - Ram Truck Swag Provided by Campbellford Chrysler
  • Mike DeKlerk -$250 Kubota Prize pack provided by Huckabone's Equipment Cobden Ontario
  • Derek McCullough -A $200 Spy-point Micro-Link trail Camera 
  • Jason Bovay - Rack Stacker Package $250
  • Mike Barbetta - Rack Stacker Package $100
  • Greg Duhn - Rack Stacker Package $100
  • Jeff Smith - Rack Stacker Package $100
  • Alex Langton - Rack Stacker Package $100
  • Nancy Dombrowskie - Rack Stacker Package $100
  • Daniel Brawn - Rack Stacker Package $100
  • Chuck Brasjen - Rack Stacker Package $100
  • Kevin Smith - Rack Stacker Package $100
  • Rick Barton - Rack Stacker Package $100
  • Alex Aquin- Rack Stacker Package $100
  • Jeff Smith - Rack Stacker Package $100
  • Chris Cipak - Rack Stacker Package $100
  • Kevin Farnel - Rack Stacker Package $100
  • Wild Card Winner was Alex Langton!! - Rack Stacker Package $100

Congrats to everyone that entered, we look forward to more photos next year and adding more great prizes. Keep an eye on our social media networks to see when full details are up and ready. Thank you to everyone that entered.


Here are some of the prize winning pictures

Think you can do better? Get ready for our 2021 contest

Details and new decals coming soon

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