Uncle Jim's Seasoning

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A message from Uncle Jim: The inspiration of my Grandmother and our annual family tradition of sausage making, has lead me to the meat processing business since the 70’s. I’m thrilled to share my Grandmother’s special blend of seasonings and herbs that will transform your meat of choice ie. Venison, moose, beef, pork, etc into a delicious homemade smoked or fresh sausage and/or the best burger you’ll ever taste, that’s a butcher’s promise! Whether you are in the great outdoors, gathered around the campfire or around your table, may God bless your meal and the traditions you create with your family and friends! Sincerely, Uncle Jim


For a consistently flavourful product use one package of spice for 10lbs of meat. (only difference in package is one contains garlic) This blend of spices goes best with a combination of different types of meat.

Our favorite combination of meat is approximately 1/3 Wild Meat 1/3 Beef medium grind 1/3 Pork Medium Grind To make the perfect burger maintain 10lbs for consistency.

For sausage we use 1/3 Ground Wild Meat 2/3 Pork Medium Grind Directions: With your desired ground meat of choice, add one diced , que ball sized cooking onion to the mixture. With your ground meat and onion mixed together add one spice pack to your 10lbs of meat. After thoroughly mixing the meat quantities with one spice package, make your patties or if making sausage, stuff into casings. Refrigerate as soon as possible.

Sausage should be stuffed into 32/35 hog casings. For fresh sausage, twist into links at desired length. For a smoke sausage, it is best to stuff a little tighter. Cut to desired length to hang in smoker

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