Rack Stacker Bear Promo

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Reg $42 for the pair of products and were giving it to you for only $30. You SAVE 28% off normal retail pricing.

Simply click on the "size" button to determine if you want Molasses or Black Licorice with the Burnt Sweet It Takes Guts bear attractant.


We like to use these products every time we head to the bait site. You wont need a lot of product as its very potent and works great. The smell will last a long time and can be used multiple times throughout the hunting season.

Pour the Slop onto the bait, around the barrel or cans you may be using and the bears will lick off the tasty goo. You can splash the It Takes Guts onto local trees, downed logs or even onto the leaves of nearby trees to help disperse the scent.

Store in a cool dry location and you can use it another time

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